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Content With Discontent

by Outside Looking In

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Travis Best live energy, go see them!! Favorite track: Jefferson Crew.
Cesare Teutonico
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Cesare Teutonico Real powerful old-school HC! Favorite track: Content With Discontent.
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Routine 00:38
Different opinion On a different side But same mentality Same narrow mind You speak but you never listen You proclaim you’re true but I see no difference (From those you despise) View everything as black and white So quick to judge and generalize Perpetuating more homogenized thought This isn’t better it’s a facade You’re still closed minded and blind But you’re so convinced that you’re right It doesn’t matter the words you say It’s the actions that you take It's not your beliefs or your label The difference is in how you treat other people Explanation Words and labels do not define who you really are. You are defined by your actions. Just because you listen to bands or read articles that speak out against sexism, racism, classism, or LGBTQ phobias, that you are absolved from committing oppressive and toxic behavior. A serious question to ask is, are you as accountable to your actions as you expect others to be for theirs? Our mainstream culture is filled with oppressive and degrading qualities. These are often infused into counter culture. As punks, we try to learn and grow pass these mistakes but many of these behaviors have been ingrained in us from birth. If we are not willing to be reflective in our actions and look outside of our own experiences, we will suffer blindness and carry on the toxic cycles that we said we were against. Openness to criticism and self reflection is crucial to growth. Listen to those outside of yourself and experiences. Challenge these behaviors inside yourself and push to be better.
Bag of Bones 01:03
I feel like a total mess today I feel like a bag of bones wasting away My headaches continue without cease Burry it all on top of me Exhausted I oversleep Too tense to eat Malnourished inside Out of focus out of time I push my means Until I can't push anymore Scraping by on what I find on the floor Struggling to make time Living cheap but not alive
Living in a state of discontent Denying that I feel resent Passively let life control me Ending up where I don't wanna be Time moves slow but the years go fast I settle for less and trying to make it last Clinging to a world I already know Stagnating in my comfort zone I fear ending up alone In these narrow places I call home As everyone else moves away I continue to fester in the same place I look at what’s left around me Lack of passion and destructive routines but I need more Than Content with discontent
Inside I start to go numb Bitterness and spite starts to run All this pressure clouds my mind Repressed anger built up inside Overpower Overcome This tired cycle is caving in I feel trapped from within This way of life makes me mean Turns me into someone I said I'd never be I refuse to lose who I am I refuse to be just another embittered cog
Small town hardcore is here and alive Even if it’s a fight just to survive Lack of opportunity and lack of support We are overlooked we are ignored Jefferson Crew The crew is me! The crew is you! Jefferson Crew What doesn’t exist we must create It’s in our hands to make a change This area is what you make it This area is what we make it! Jefferson Crew The crew is me! The crew is you! Jefferson Crew
Cut Out 02:24
With everything you’ve said And you put me through You bet I've got Something personal against you Your problems aren’t others mistakes You point the finger, but you’re to blame You're not what you seem You hide and deceive You're nothing but a user Manipulative abuser You ran me like a fool But now I see right through you Cut out From my life


Northern California's Outside Looking In lays down 7 tracks of straight ahead first wave USHC. Restlessly energetic with lyrics that are driven by internal hurt that longs for something more than a dead end.

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released June 29, 2017

Miles Claibourn - Vocals
Bryan Hannah - Guitar
Tommy Ghiorso - Bass
JxRad Salsi - Guitar
Sebastian Valencia - Drums

Recorded by Jack Shirley at
The Atomic Garden 2/28/16


all rights reserved



Zerox Records HC Chico, California

Zerox Records is a low budget record label ran out of Chico CA. Forever punk. Forever hardcore.

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